Christian Cross

Code: K-01

Size: 56.5сm х 31сm

Price: 300 €

Procedure : galvanoplast.

Materials : silver and gold–plated copper.

Swarovski cristals.

The cross is made of toned oak.


Author’s work created in 2011 by a modern sculptor from Moldova. The base of the cross is made of high-quality, seasoned oak, etched in dark color using the technology of forgotten recipes, after which it acquires an imitation of ebony. The background cross is made of electroplating from copper. A decorative imitation of the texture of the bark of a natural tree is visible on it. This is a three-dimensional artwork in which three metals copper, silver and gold prevail. Gilded halo nimbus decorated with Swarovski crystals. The figure in the form of the crucified Jesus Christ is made of copper and coated with 25-30 microns of silver of the highest standard in the galvanic way.

You can purchase this wall crucifix in our store by making an online purchase. A limited number of copies have been issued.

This work is also issued in a more simplified form code K-01.1