St. Nicholas

Code: А–06

Size: 40сm х 47.5сm

Price: 450 €

Procedure : galvanoplast.

Materials : silver and gold–plated copper.

The icon is hand-painted on a canvas base in oil.

Swarovski cristals.

The icon is unframed in a oak wooden frame under glass.



The face of the icon is painted with oil-based paints on the wooden board. The metal part of the icon is made according to the ancient technology – the method of depositing precious metals of copper, silver and gold. The chemical patination of silver gives the work an artistic and old look. Some parts of the icon “Sf. Nicholas” is embellished with Swarovski crystals. The icon is framed in a high quality double oak frame, toned in dark color, according to forgotten technology. This icon is a copy of the ancient icon of the famous Faberge workshops.