The Holy Face and Man of Sorrows

Code: M – 10

Size: 38сm х 41сm

Price: 800 €

Procedure : galvanoplast.

Materials : silver and gold–plated copper.
Swarovski cristals.

The frame is made of oak.

The artwork is installed on a velvet base under glass.


This is a real exclusive work, a work of art and an Orthodox gift. Author’s work created by a modern sculptor in 2010. A limited number of copies were made. The image of Jesus Christ is made in the old art technique-electroforming. Separate segments of the composition are decorated with colored Swarovski crystals. This composition is laid out on a dark blue velvet field.

The original decorative, bas-relief corner ornament complements the true beauty of the product, which goes well with the dark tinted natural wood frame (oak). The frame is made in the form of a case (the front of the frame opens on hinges). Bright design of the work emphasizes the professionalism of the masters. This product is made of 12 metal segments in different planes and electroplated with precious metals of 999 gold 3 micron samples. and silver 999 samples 25-30mkm. This artwork will be a good expensive present for any Christian, with a deep meaning that will be remembered and will remain for life.